An observation of progress in a landscape heavily damaged by man.

We follow workers performing routine tasks seemingly indefinitely. The landscape, ravaged by violence and destruction, looks like the setting in a dystopian sci-fi movie. As we move in closer, we begin to grasp what we are seeing and realize it is a road construction site – the more details appear, the more the complexity of this reality emerges. An observation of progress, more than can be achieved in a day’s work. 

A Day’s Work is a short documentary film and installation without dialogue. Consisting of two channels, or a split screen, it presents two different perspectives, sometimes alternating, sometimes simultaneous. Distant, slow and well composed aerial shots give the bigger picture, offering an otherwise unprecedented perspective. Focusing on single actions without much context, they stand in stark contrast to the handheld close-ups of the laborers going about their work.


Selected for the 2020 DOK Leipzig Film Market, watch online with “DOK Leipzig Industry Accreditation” 


13 min, 4K, experimental documentary short / 2-channel-instlation /

Temporary colors, music and sound mix

Max Kerkhoff
Till Girke
Paul Glodek
Johannes Schmidt
Pascal Khoo Twe

Director and editor: Max Kerkhoff
Cinematographer: Till Girke
Sound: Paul Glodek
Producer: Johannes Schmidt
Composer : Franziska May, Isacco Chiaf

Additional editing: Momas Schütze
Additional drone photography: Paul Glodek

Creative consultant
Pascal Khoo Twe

Drone support: Lin Aung

Driver: ဘိုဘို Bo Bo

Thank You
Winnie Mai
International Trade Centre

ျဖဴေဌးဝင္း Phyu Htay Win
ရွင္ေအးၿငိမ္း Shin Aye Nyein
နာင္လင္းေထြး Naung Lin Htway
တင္တင္ေဆြ Tin Tin Swe
သက္ခိုင္ Thet Khaing
မင့္ေဆြ Myint Swe
စုစုရ Su Su Ya
ဝဒီထက္ျမက္ေမာ္ Wadi Htet Myet Maw
ဆန္းမင္း San Min
မင္းသူ Min Thu
ဘိုမင္းသူ Bo Min Thu
ျမတ္မင္းသူ Myat Min Thu
ေမာင္ထြန္းမင္း Maung Tun Min