An observation of progress, in a landscape heavily damaged by man. We follow workers performing their tasks routinely and seemingly indefinitely. The landscape, ravaged by violence and destruction, looks like the setting of a dystopian sci-fi movie. As we draw closer, we begin to understand what is happening – but the more we go into detail, the more the complexity of reality reemerges.

WORK ON PROGRESS is a documentary film installation / short film without dialogue. It is composed of two channels (or a split screen) showing two different perspectives, sometimes alternating, sometimes simultaneous. Distant, slow and well composed aerial shots show the bigger picture, offering up an otherwise impossible perspective. They stand in stark contrast to the handheld close-ups of the laborers going about their work, focusing on single actions without much context.

in post-production


13 min, 4K, 2-channel-installation / experimental documentary short

Temporary colors, music and sound mix