A Documentary Triptych on Tourism


The promise, rise and fall of the world’s largest industry, or:

how developing countries turn into tourist destinations.


Driven by hope for a better life, a southeast-Asian businessman seeks to turn the coast and the people of his homeland into tourist attractions. Meanwhile in the Caribbean, pristine white sand is being mined to build grey concrete structures. On the southern Mediterranean coast, a computer scientist-turned receptionist pretends he is a guest in an otherwise empty hotel. Back in Europe, at the world’s largest industry fair, Angela Merkel hails tourism’s record growth as a global success.


As our three stories unfold, we discover where they take place, and make out the patterns of how the growing industry changes the very places and their people: From the picturesque gentrification of paradise on the Mexican coast, to new life within the aging hotel landscapes of Tunisia and to hopeful locals at one of the last unspoiled beaches of Myanmar.

Work in Progress,

to be completed in 2021